D6.1 Synthesis of interim results for practical application to support the compilation of the 2nd RBMPs

D6.1 is an appetizer of the methods, procedures, criteria, and guidelines developed in REFORM. It provides a synthesis of interim project results to support the compilation of the second River Basin Management Plans (2nd RBMPs). These interim results  are presented early because the final delivery of products in October 2015 will be too late to inform the 2nd RBMPs. This early delivery allows river basin managers to reconsider particular aspects of RBMPs while benefiting from the latest findings in the project. The interim results identify gaps in existing approaches and methodologies, and they show the way forward to fill these gaps. This deliverable also presents a strategy for making the information available to practitioners in an accessible way. It thus serves as a stepping stone between the scientific results from the work packages and the final information for practical use by a wider audience. We use this stepping stone ourselves within the project to discuss the clarity and the pertinence of work package outcomes, as well as the appropriate ways of presentation. At this stage, the results are mainly suited for first information and inspiration. Final ready-to-use tools will become available in the course of 2014 and 2015.

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Link to D6.1 on the REFORM website: http://www.reformrivers.eu/deliverables/d61-synthesis-interim-results-practical-application-support-compilation-2nd-rbmps


Erik Mosselman, Deltares

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