REFORM Stakeholder Workshop on “Linking E-flows to Sediment Dynamics”

8 Sep 2015 to 10 Sep 2015
Società Geografica Italiana - Rome, Italy
Martina Bussettini (ISPRA) and Stefano Mariani (ISPRA)


Within the framework of REFORM a thematic workshop on “Linking E-Flows to Sediment Dynamics” is organized in Rome in September 2015. A recent European Commission guidance on environmental flows (e-flows) identifies a series of overall key indications to tackle some critical aspects linked to the management and restoration of water bodies affected by hydrological pressures in order to reach the environmental objectives of the European Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC (WFD). Considering sediment dynamics and river morphology with hydrology and hydraulics in order to determine e-flows is one of these key indications and it is the topic of this thematic workshop. A panel of international experts, from relevant agencies and academia, will investigate how to identify a common approach to specify efficient e-flow based measures that consider river sediment dynamics and morphological evolution, in order to supplement the EU guidance on e-flows. The discussion will be drawn on the newly developed REFORM multi-scalar and process-oriented framework, since it is ideally suited for tackling hydrology-sediment relationships. The outcomes of the discussion will be the topics of an ad-hoc comprehensive policy discussion.

The presentations given by the speakers during the event can be found in the links below.