A Method for Characterizing the Stream Flow Regime in Europe (Bussettini et al 2014)

Starting from a literature review and an analysis of eco-hydrological classification methods widely used nowadays, this work aims to propose a stream classification based on the flow regime with characteristics of representativeness within the European continent. The proposed approach classifies streams based on the combination of different criteria: intermittency, river-aquifer interaction and prevailing flow sources. 

The stream flow classification model in hydrological types derives from one proposed for USA streams in late nineties, accurately adapted to fit the climatic conditions of European regions. A short set of hydrological indicators with ecological relevance for fluvial system understanding was selected and tested on a group of Italian streams.

Publication Date: 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Full reference: 

Bussettini Martina, Percopo Carlo, Lastoria Barbara, and Mariani Stefano, 2015: A Method for Characterizing the Stream Flow Regime in Europe. In: Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 3, edited by Lollino et al., Springer, pages 323–326,