Hydromorphological frameworks: emerging trajectories (Gurnell et al. 2016)

This paper forms a post-script to a Special Issue of Aquatic Sciences devoted to the rationale, nature and application of a multi-scale, hierarchical framework for developing process-based understanding of catchment to reach hydrology and fluvial geomorphology (termed hydromorphology).

It considers some potential future directions for hydromorphological frameworks in relation to their use as ‘tool kits’ for hydromorphological river assessment and management; the ways in which such development needs to be integrated with other river sciences and data sets to support integrated management of river ecosystems; and the stakeholder context in which development needs to take place to ensure maximum benefits for both humans and river ecosystems.

Keywords: Hydromorphology, River assessment, River management

Publication Date: 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Full reference: 

Gurnell, A.M., M. Rinaldi, A. D. Buijse, G. Brierley & H. Piégay (2016) Hydromorphological frameworks: emerging trajectories. Aquatic Sciences: research across boundaries 78: 135 -138.