River Storå – Denmark, Small restoration measure

The restored reach of River Storå (Photo: www.sportsfiskeren.dk)


River Storå is the 3rd largest river in Denmark and drains the western part of the peninsula Jutland. Parts of the river were channelized during 1950’s however large reaches of the river have also been left untouched. Smaller reaches of the river have been restored, including addition of coarse material for improving salmonid spawning.

  • Typology: Mid-sized lowland river
  • Altitude: 20 m
  • Catchment area: 1,100 km²
  • Pressures before the restoration:
    • straightened river course
    • degradation of river bed
    • hydropower
    • barriers
  • Restoration measures conducted:
    • addition of coarse material
  • Length of restoration: 0.5 km